PRAM Check-ups

Check-ups and measurement will be executed in accordance with the law on rules of health and safety in electrical installations:
• STAS 12604/4 - 89
• STAS 12604/5 - 90
• PE 116,
• PT-16,
• Law 318/2003,
• Law 319/2006,
• DGPS 004
• HG1146 / 06 Annex 1

PRAM check-ups represent the measurement of dispersion resistance of the earthing system and the lightning protection apparatus used for this purpose. The device must be checked regularly by authorised metrology.

The frequency of PRAM check-ups is set by the current legislation to be twice a year (once on dry weather and once on wet weather). Periodic electrical installation check-ups shall be performed at the intervals specified in the technical regulations governing electrical installations in buildings. Doing so we can avoid unpleasant situations such as fires, electrocutions, disconnections of power.
Periodical verification of electrical installations is necessary because all facilities are deteriorating due to the following factors:
• ageing insulation
• overload of circuits,
• depreciation,
• corrosion

After the PRAM check-up is completed a verification bulletin is issued and it specifies:
the measuring conditions
the name of the person that did the measurements
the place of the measurements, all these elements being required by the Safety, Consumer Protection and Firefighters. If the measured values do not meet standards our company will issue a report with the next steps that can be taken.

To avoid unwanted events our company can fix the problems and redo the PRAM check up and bulletin.

Our check-ups include a series of measurements such as insulation resistance, loop impedance, short-circuit current, resistance dispersion, earthing, earthing continuity belt, checking devices including circuit breakers, differential protection.

After analysing these measurements we issue test reports for the verified installations and these reports will clearly show the state of the electrical installations and equipment. All this is performed by experienced personnel trained within the latest standards and regulations in force.